Stern PR is a crook Susan Stern sucks

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Susan Stern of Stern PR is not professional what so ever.She will take your money and provide you with a cheap video full of glitches.

Susan tells you all these wonderful ideas how to build up your website and does not follow through. The pictures she takes have bad resolution and she is only able to use a couple because the rest are ruined. I had to give her different suggestions for my main page. I came to her with my own logo and she is trying to claim it is her design.

Susan puts a copywrite on her work and its not even official. She takes all the shortcuts possible to finish a lousy job.

I will never recommend Stern Pr, Susan Stern to anyone, not even my worst enemy.


Omaha, Nebraska, United States #745572

Fake "reviewer" bad apple Scott Bakhit & aliases was NEVER a Stern PR client, ever.

This brief so-called friend extorted Susan Stern by writing libelous online reviews to pressure her to getting marketing work for free. Bakhit got his wish, but ramped up the harassment, despite.

Now Scott Bakhit has earned himself a Harassment Protection Order for the 2nd-year-in-a-row.

Waterloo, Nebraska, United States #705241

Hi Susan Stern Omaha PR. The new girlfriend is great...thx.

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #704300

oh i see scott bakhit is at it again *** little puke!He's nothing but a coward!

Rock on is what he says all the time so you can tell its that pile of ***, So what happened to your other girlfriend SCOTT HUH? How is that going you lying piece of ***.

How many times you been sued HUH?

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States #704111

feb1b6 Is Scott Bakhit he is la lair crook and a thief Just ck on here you will see for yourself. Also google scott bakhit is a crook he is nothing short of a criminal

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #704068

"Scott Bakhit's jealous because of Miss Susie's success personally & professionally"

Really? How many finces has Miss Susie Stern Omaha gone through? How many divorces?

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #704049

Seriously, NO ONE cares what "anonymous" Scott Bakhit thinks.Scott Bakhit's jealous because of Miss Susie's success personally & professionally.

Susie Stern is a fantastic person & very talented.

Get a life stalker, i.e.Scott Bakhit.

to Anne Omaha, Nebraska, United States #704061

Seriously?Why would anyone hire an amateur like Susan Stern?

Have you seen her website?

All you need to know.Rock on Scott Bakhit!

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #703197

I think there is one big lesson to be learned from all of this. Don't date Susie Stern!

to Anonymous Omaha, Nebraska, United States #704862

Scott Bakhit the loser and crook just google scott bakhit is a crook. Wanna know how he is lying? His lips are moving!


ajhammer is SCOTT BAKHIT AS IS Anonymous He is in violation of a restraining order by posting these complaints.YOU have 1 week to retract these complaint or we will be knocking on your door.

We have tracked them back to you.There have received several complaints gainst you we will start here end it now or we will end it for you.


SCOTT BAKHIT is a lying crook!If her video is so bad then why does he have ita all over you tube!

He even threatend her if she took it from him. Susan stren does fantastic work.

Scott Bakhit is just pissed cuz he didn't get it for free.Go to ripoff tyoe his name in you'll find out how big a lying crook this guy really is.


The individual in question, Scott Bakhit Omaha, an ex companion, invented the entire review above.Slander.

He never came to me with a logo. Stern PR created one from scratch for A Hammer For Hire Waterloo. Another untruth, the pictures. They are all high resolution.

I snapped some fabulous ones. He knows it. I know it. This individual loved my website design, logo, photography and video so much, he won't part with it!

He runs it at trade shows & on the front page of his website that Stern PR created. Bakhit even wrote a gleaming review on my website under testimonials. Go to testimonial tab. Stern PR never takes short cuts, either.

The "complaint" is based on reasons other than honesty.

In terms of rectifying said problem, despite non-payment from this ex companion, Stern PR is willing to accept non-payment as a good faith measure so we can all move on our merry way - provided he repair the defamatory remarks he and his companion (moniker cyjacobo) Cindy Jacobsen Arlington NE invented here and on, about my small marketing consulting firm.If repairs are completed, Stern PR has opted to allow Bakhit exclusive use of the logo and limited use of the video.


Stern Pr has rectified my complaint


Thank you the review.The review is not legitimate.

It comes from a disgrunted ex-boyfriend, A Hammer 4 Hire Owner Scott Bakhit in Waterloo Nebraska and his new companion. Scott Bakhit has stolen my copyright work, including website, corporate video, logo - all - when Stern PR sent him a bill - he resorted to slander and defamation on the internet. The real crook in question is he.

Unfortunately.Thank you, Susan Stern - Owner - Stern PR Marketing

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